Our last face to face session was held just over a week ago. Matthew Zampa and Charles Vella held an interactive session on VAT at our Academy. In the meantime, a number of events have drastically shaped the education and learning landscape in Malta and around Europe. We have received many queries on how we can sustain this over the next few weeks. We are in the process of putting robust systems in place in order for our Academy to deliver ALL the programme on-time and on-line! We already had a real time trial of one of our lectures to test our platform and resources.

Hence, after careful consideration, we are glad to announce that as from April, all our sessions will be delivered in real time through our virtual learning platform. This decision was taken keeping our main objective in mind, that is, to deliver interactive and excellent sessions to our ZD Academy community.

We look forward to another exciting and different journey with all of you. Check out our courses on zdacademy.com In the meantime, stay safe and take care.

Thank you,

ZD Academy Lecturers