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Financial Reporting

We are specialised in Financial Reporting


Zampa Debattista was founded as a specialised consultancy, with Financial Reporting being one of its two core services.

John Debattista, its co-founding Partner, is a seasoned Financial Reporting Specialist with a demonstrated history of handling complex IFRS cases in Malta and beyond, since 2008.

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Our Financial Reporting Services

We specialise in providing solutions related to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) matters, both from a compliance, advisory and training point of view.

Our specialisation also extends to GAPSME – the reporting framework popular amongst eligible small and medium Maltese companies.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Review of Financial Statements

EU-IFRS Advisory

Special EU-IFRS Assignments

EU-IFRS Training

Tailor-Made EU-IFRS Workshops


DHL International Limited have been using Zampa Debattista services for the last 2 years for financial reporting, corporate services and tax advisory, and we have to say they have been very helpful and understanding. Dealing with a multi-national company means that deadlines are always tight, and Zampa Debattista always delivered. All the different teams we are in contact with have always been very professional and highly competent, whilst keeping a personable approach.


The outstanding efforts of the financial reporting team during the audit, overcoming challenges and demonstrating expertise were truly appreciated; looking forward to another successful collaboration in the future!


IFRS Implementation in Malta

GAPSME is the default accounting framework in Malta. Companies not eligible to apply GAPSME need to resort to IFRS, which is more onerous, but is used in many countries worldwide. Companies also have the option to report to shareholders under IFRS.

It also needs to be considered that certain Malta companies meet the definition of a ‘parent company’ under the Companies Act. Frequently, such companies need to consolidate. When consolidation is required under IFRS or GAPSME, all group companies, including foreign operations, need to prepare consolidated accounts.

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John Debattista

Founding Partner, Head of Financial Reporting