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In the global pursuit of sustainability and climate resilience, the imperative to reduce emissions has become increasingly urgent. Enterprises worldwide are increasingly recognising their role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions, understanding that proactive measures are not only ethical but also essential for long-term viability. Retrofitting premises stands as a fundamental strategy in this pursuit, offering businesses a tangible means to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. By upgrading heating, cooling, lighting, and other systems, enterprises can significantly lower their carbon footprint while simultaneously cutting operational costs and improving sustainability credentials. Similarly, investments in machinery and technologies aimed at emission reduction play a pivotal role in driving down carbon emissions across various industrial sectors. These investments demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship and foster innovation and competitiveness.

The EU Funding Programme and the Malta Enterprise provide funding opportunities designed for businesses aiming to enhance sustainability and reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. These initiatives are supported by two main schemes:

  • Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme
  • Retrofit Scheme

Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme

The Malta Enterprise has reintroduced the Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme, aiming to support businesses in their endeavours towards sustainable practices while aligning with the EU’s target of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Applications will remain open until 30th November 2026, subject to availability of funds. The Scheme falls within the de minimis Regulation.

Businesses are presented with an opportunity to access funds for projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions by a minimum of 10%. Eligible investments encompass modifications and enhancements in plant, machinery, equipment, and technologies geared towards fostering sustainability across various sectors. Key areas of focus for potential investments include waste minimisation, utilisation of sustainable materials, enhancements in water and energy efficiency, and the adoption of sustainable digitalisation practices.

Aid is provided in the form of financial grants of up to €100,000 per project, with an aid intensity of up to 50%. Each application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with funding levels determined based on the proposed investment and implementation plan. Additionally, qualifying enterprises may be eligible for a supplementary bonus of up to €40,000 in the form of tax credits, subject to meeting specific criteria outlined by Malta Enterprise.

Retrofit Scheme

As part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan within the EU Funding Programme for Malta, the Retrofit Scheme was introduced with the aim of bolstering energy efficiency measures. This initiative seeks to facilitate improvements in energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, cut carbon emissions, and minimize energy wastage through the retrofitting of private sector buildings. The primary goal of the Retrofit Scheme is to achieve a significant reduction in Primary Energy Demand (PED) of at least 30% through targeted renovations.

The scheme will remain operational until 30th June 2026, subject to availability of funds. The Scheme falls within the General Block Exemption Regulation (‘GBER’).

Under the scheme, undertakings may be eligible to receive grants of up to €5 million, with aid intensity determined based on a Standard Scale of Unit Cost ranging from €170 to €340 per square meter, depending on the size of the undertaking and % reduction in PED achieved.

For further details on these schemes or other relevant funding opportunities, ESG initiatives and training programmes, feel free to reach out.

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