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Authors: Kris Bartolo & Lisa Apap

Are you searching for ways to minimise the repercussions brought about by COVID-19 by increasing your market share and reaching new markets?

Have you considered offering your products or services online?

COVID-19 has taken the business world by storm, forcing most enterprises to re-think their business strategy.

In a time where everyone has shifted to internet-shopping for all sorts of products or services, taking your sales online is the most feasible way to keep your business running smoothly. Locally, even though we have a strong IT structure, according to a study conducted by Malta Communications Authority, only 14% of enterprises conduct online sales, portraying a gap in the market. A website or a mobile application will increase your exposure and facilitate accessibility for potential clients.

EU funds are supporting this e-commerce initiative through a non-repayable grant to encourage SMEs to adopt an e-commerce strategy for their businesses.  Your business could benefit from a part-financing of up to 50% of eligible expenditure, for a maximum grant of €5,000.

Eligible costs include those incurred for the design, development, implementation and delivery of a new or upgraded e- commerce website and/or mobile application which incorporates an online product/service catalogue, a shopping cart, a payment or booking system and an integrated e-commerce payment gateway enabling online payments.

Services carried out in the fulfilment of this initiative are to be procured from an external Service Provider, registered with the Intermediate Body under the scheme.

This grant is operating on an open call basis, with the final cut-off date for Call1 being 30th June 2020.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity! We can guide you accordingly and assist with the application for the Grant Scheme.  Get in touch today with us on info@zampadebattista.com

DisclaimerPlease note that this article is intended for information purposes only and whilst utmost care has been taken to ensure a correct application and interpretation of applicable standards and legislation, Zampa Debattista shall bear no responsibility legal or otherwise, for misuse.