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Act LX of 2021 introduces various amendments to the Companies Act, one of which being the requirement that every new company is required to indicate in its memorandum the electronic mail address of the company – article 69(1)(d).

This address will be used for all electronic correspondence and notifications that are to be sent by the Registrar to the company, together with the physical registered office address.

In the case of existing companies, the company has two options – 1. Either update the Memorandum and Articles to include an electronic email address, or 2. Send an official letter to the Malta Business Registry, informing them of the electronic mail address/addresses that is/are to be added to the system.

Up to 4 electronic mail addresses per company can be listed in this letter.

The Registrar has given up till the 30th of September 2022 for the electronic mail addresses to be submitted.

The official notice issued by the MBR can be accessed via the following link 

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