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The feeling of stress at the workplace can be caused by various factors, possibly:

  • Difficult interpersonal work or client relationships.
  • Time limitations.
  • Resource limitations.
  • Complex tasks.
  • Risk management.
  • A combination of the above.

With healthy work relationships, the effects of stress are diminished. Rather, stress appears similarly as a storm at sea – stressful periods are prone to occur but then do pass.

Remedies To Stress

Moreover, with adequate foresight and communication, you can limit your journeys to encounter ‘storms’ that you have a chance to handle. By adopting the following stress-handling techniques, you can make your way through the ‘storm’ more effectively:

  • Research and apply time management techniques to help attain a healthy work-life balance and sufficient regular sleeping time.
  • Develop face-to-face, interpersonal relationships by means of direct communication, practising reciprocal support when in need, seeking socialisation instead of isolation and using humour. This isn’t limited to the work place.
  • Calm down your nervous system by exercising regularly. An early morning cardio workout followed by a nourishing breakfast has the added benefit that you can feel good throughout your work day, knowing that you’re ready from your daily workout.
  • Make smart food choices. Eat small, frequent and healthy meals. Increase the intake of fish, fruit, vegetables and nuts, whilst reducing that of sugar, caffeine and carbs.
  • Commit to adopting a positive frame of mind for every challenge, task or colleague, until and unless, it’s a natural response.
  • Minimise energy drainers unless quality suffers. For instance, set up and maintain an organised physical and computer-related environment, focus on the controllable and avoid perfectionism and unnecessary overkill.
  • Use relaxation techniques in your free time, such as breathing and mental techniques.
  • Identify your current stressors before solving them. For two weeks, write detailed accounts of stressful moments and the reactions you adopted. After two weeks, revisit what you wrote and see which of the above alternative techniques can help.
  • Buy a stress ball.