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Providing Technical Excellence for iGaming Businesses

Zampa Debattista is an accounting, audit, tax & advisory company known for its specialisation in Indirect Taxation and Financial Reporting.

iGaming has been one of the company’s key industries of focus for years, making it the point of reference for highly technical accounting and tax queries.

Discover our solutions for the iGaming industry:

VATFinancial ReportingAuditDirect TaxationInternal Audit


Matthew Zampa

Founding Partner

Many gaming companies carry out mixed supplies, some of which are taxable, while others are exempt. Therefore, each transaction needs a specialist’s assessment to identify the right VAT treatment ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation.

Having a dedicated VAT team specialised in the iGaming sector, we can easily identify whether exposures may exist, whether companies are registered under the correct articles, and whether a VAT optimisation solution may be applied to reduce any potential VAT leakage that companies may have.


Financial Reporting

John Debattista

Founding Partner

Financial reporting is continuously evolving. In the next couple of years, we expect radical changes, especially with regard to ESG matters (Environmental, Social & Governance), which will make an important part of companies’ reporting according to the latest EU legislation.

Through our team of Financial Reporting professionals, we are able to provide guidance to iGaming companies on highly technical accountant transactions according to the latest industry standards. This may include some tricky transactions such as those involving intangible assets or share-based payments through share options. We also assist in drafting financial reports or certain disclosure requirements.



Kris Bartolo


In today‚Äôs economic and business environment, audit and assurance occupy a central place in ensuring the company’s good reputation and compliance with regulatory requirements.

We have been working with big and small iGaming companies since the very inception of Zampa Debattista. Our auditors review financial statements ensuring independence, integrity, and impartiality.


Direct Taxation

Markita Falzon

Direct Tax Manager

iGaming businesses often target different jurisdictions, which may create complex tax scenarios.

Our specialised corporate and direct tax team has the right expertise to offer tailor-made services for each particular case, including international tax planning, group restructuring, succession planning, application of fiscal incentives, corporate and personal tax compliance and more.


Internal Audit

Greg Szabo

Internal Audit Consultant

iGaming is a highly supervised industry where all operations, be it KYC procedures or IT systems, need to comply with local and international regulations. This is especially acute in the times of Grey Listing when transparency and reputation have become key to sustainable development.

Through our Internal Audit function, we are able to spot weaknesses and risks, thus helping companies improve their operations and ensure full compliance.

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