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Accounting and ESG

Mark Wirth


Our client accounting team has extensive knowledge and experience with respect to accounting for iGaming companies.

Our team has also understood the importance of ESG matters within the iGaming sector and can assist with advising our clients on how to leverage ESG to improve their brand and performance. We can also assist our clients operating within the iGaming sector to prepare for the ESG reporting requirements that are expected to come into force in the coming years.

Mark Wirth will be one of the panellists during the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Investment and analysis debate on Thursday 29th September from 14.20 – 14.55 (CET).


Advisory Services

Kris Bartolo


The iGaming industry operates in a dynamic economic and financial environment.  The industry faces various regulatory changes and one whereby mergers and acquisitions are quite prevalent.  Our financial advisory team can assist iGaming clients with potential restructuring, consultancy to improve financial performance and cash flows and the necessary financial advisory services related to specific transactions, such as valuation of intellectual property, equity valuations and financial due diligence.


Internal Audit

Greg Szabo

Internal Audit Specialist

iGaming is a highly supervised industry where all operations, KYC procedures, or IT systems must comply with local and international regulations and respect ISO standards. This is especially acute in times when transparency and reputation have become key to sustainable development.

Through our Internal Audit function, we can proceed with gap analysis and spot weaknesses and risks, thus helping companies improve their operations and ensure full compliance.



Brandon Gatt

VAT Specialist

The VAT analysis of supplies related to gaming can become complex especially where gaming operators are involved in the provision of supplies having different characteristics which may carry a different VAT treatment. Of itself, this places a huge onus on operators to ensure that the nature of the supplies are correctly identified in order to be able to determine the place of supply and the VAT treatment of the transaction.

Our team of VAT specialists are continuously involved with Gaming Operators to assess and optimise the VAT position of their business. Get in touch with us to obtain more clarity on VAT and Gaming.