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Transport plays a crucial role in economic growth and trade, social connectivity, accessibility, tourism and enhances social inclusion by connecting individuals and communities, regardless of their geographical location.

Transport is the main pillar of International trade with ships, airplanes, trucks and trains connecting nations and enabling the exchange of products and services on a global scale and allowing people to explore new places, experience different cultures, and enjoy recreational activities.

Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean with a long-standing tradition as a maritime and aviation hub. Malta through its ports and airport facilities and one of the biggest registries in the world proudly represents one of the biggest shipping and aviation communities in the world.

Both Shipping and Aviation are governed in Malta by robust yet flexible rules led by a customer oriented flag administration willing to balance out needs of all stakeholders.

Shipping and Aviation specialization at Zampa Debattista is led by Stephan Piazza with years of experience in this sector. His experience coupled with the firm’s knowledge on tax and accounting matters makes Zampa Debattista as the perfect partner for any shipping or aviation needs.

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Stephan Piazza

Transport & Legal

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